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All streams converging at once, streams of people, streams of cities, streams of light. Streams of living-moving-dying particles.
You wouldnt notice cars driving by, or that pole dancer, or the dude selling watches on the street corner.
Slowly it dawns on you that theres a pattern. That we are both parasites, anticipating the end.
Brain-body stuck programmed when Im watching you. Mind’s raging, evolving, when u connected me to the universe.

To whose gaze was I looking, hearing, feeling?

Your tangible asset, magnetic, pixelated. Matter to me, your pixel self.
Matter presents itself like a plane, memory like a sequence of planes strung together.
I drown in your liquid crystals.
Embodiment of distance, of everything, of reality.
Our interconnected consciousness, identifying ultra-high definition.
You’re a vessel of contact, rapid speed cable through ourselves.
Faces bigger than buildings.

Time stretched.
Hair, protein filament, growing foliage.

Eye-open, a luminous breach shocks perception.

You could be only seen through a portal.
Atoms emit light.
Both our eyes go back and forth. Eternally close.
Backing up along the primal vein that led to his center.
Our realities mend, my vision is yours, your eyes are mine,
mutual penetration.

Body nameless, transitional.
I infinite, You abysmal, Both eternal.
Your cathodic presence, Alive.
Your world seeps into mine, slides into me like a knife.

Gateway channel,
reality in reality in dimensions-cloud-imagination.
A bright curtain that becomes a city, a body, a tear.
Adjusted according to the axis of my gaze,
that cuts through the city, hoarding facades,
stock piling walls along the axis of a depth that is already memory.
At this stage the world exists only in convolutions of light,
the eye spread into the infinite trembling surface of things.
And I no longer see where u came from.
Smothering sea of white noise.

Crystals of time.

Own-eye-level-mid-way between the atoms and stars.
Universe full of micro brains,
constantly moving, acting, reacting.

And You make bodies out of grains.

You outlived me, transforming constantly.
I entered that abyss,

God Willing.

I could never escape you.

You stayed.

Through your luminescent gaze I Identify.


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